God is Great, Beer is Good, People are Crazy

God is Great, Beer is Good, People are Crazy! Of course, God is Great.. Beer + People = Crazy..Define your 'crazy'. Mine ~ enjoying life. Cheers!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Gadget?

Planning to buy a New Gadget.
May be SE Satio?
How about a Notebook?
Or Sony CyberCam...
Definitely not DSLR.
Definitely not an Iphone...

but WHY.....?
~ Satio? *BIG Question Mark*
~ do i need a notebook when i have pc? which is i think better than notebook...
~ Camera again? I already have one...well, a bit outdated...but i still can use it to take pix..or vid.

I will know the answer tonight....
Hopefully it will be a very GOOD or better, Great news!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Luv My Bags!

Two days ago....Bought new bag pack! Upgraded from Tropicana Life to Nike but still love my 'old' bag.
After 8years.......at last, i change my bag.
I love simple but comfy-nice-to-look-at bag..
Both 'affordable' bag, not too expensive and not too cheap (cos quality are important!).
Hopefully that Nike bag can last longer than my Tropicana Life.
But i wont throw away my Tropicana bag!

Change Of Heart

The last episode of ‘unwanted’ yesterday~i mean on the 31st of Aug (well, actually i want to post this 'yesterday' but i forgot my password~how can i forget my password? Hmmmm*sigh* too much thinking!), makes me think, do I really […] this person? I have one whole night and one whole day to myself to think about this…and seem like […] there are change of heart… […..] have nothing to lose, if [..] let me go.. and I know I lose almost everything if […..] leave me…but then, I’ll survive…
I don’t want bad ending to our […] but if we cant work it out, then why should we continue that [……]? Seem like it just a ‘Game’… not to me, but seem like it just a ‘game’…
Thinking that I have change of heart, it actually makes me sad…. I desperately to make it right this time but then, im so disappointed and frustrated that all that have to happen…
*BIG Sigh*......i do really need God's guidance in this....