God is Great, Beer is Good, People are Crazy

God is Great, Beer is Good, People are Crazy! Of course, God is Great.. Beer + People = Crazy..Define your 'crazy'. Mine ~ enjoying life. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gadget #3

My Christmas Gift from mi Wolfie this year is The Chrono Black ~ Purple In Dark.
Im loving it! Muchas Gracias Mi Wolfie!
Here's my baby!
Too big for my wrist? Yup... Man's watch? Yup...
But still...i love it!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gadget # 2

My new Gadget ~ SE Satio Bordeaux for me...
Bought it on 28/11/2010
My SE Satio Silver (or i love to call it Chrome) has been stolen (Damn!).
Stolen on 24/11/2010
But im having difficulty to 'adjust' myself with this Beau (Thats what i called it).
Hopefully, Beau will stick longer with me this time.. ~Wishing, Wishing, Praying!~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula ~ Skin Therapy Oil Part I

Yesterday I bought Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil with Vitamin E, Rosehip fragrance.
Im experimenting on it, it’s a test whether it working on my skin.. My stubborn skin ~ acne scars, chicken pox scars, Cellulite…..etc etc…
Let see… it contains Canola oil (Reminds me of ‘that’ cooking oil), Isopropyl Myristate (Im gonna ‘google’ you up!), Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate (this too!), Sesamun Indicum (Sesame~Ooooh) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Dimethicone, Theobroma Cacao (Its Cocoa) Seed Butter, Fragrance & Rosa Canina Seed Extract (must be the Rosehip Thingy). So, let cross ‘our’ fingers and hope for miracle [Let it work on me!!!]
Let see…..hmmm… from what I read from the internet, they said this stuff are actually good for the skin, they even say they can see the healing result in 3 days, I guess that’s for a fresh scar. So… I think I will use this for a month or few months until I finish these 2 bottles-if I don’t have any ‘allergy’ to it.
But im still wondering if I can use it under my moisturizer or cream for my face, and under my body lotion or sunblock…
Is it safe to mix with other bodycare/skincare product?
As for now, I just use it anytime, put it anywhere on my body…Hah!
Just wait & see..... So, I'll be bak (Terminator slang!)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Gadget #1

At last i get my "Gadget",
It was SE Satio.....
Thank God for that.

Now i have to learn how to use it.
Seem like its more complicated than Iphone...
But Iphone are much more expensive than Satio..

Bought on 12th October 2010,
and start to use it on 14th October 2010...

And im still learning.......

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Gadget?

Planning to buy a New Gadget.
May be SE Satio?
How about a Notebook?
Or Sony CyberCam...
Definitely not DSLR.
Definitely not an Iphone...

but WHY.....?
~ Satio? *BIG Question Mark*
~ do i need a notebook when i have pc? which is i think better than notebook...
~ Camera again? I already have one...well, a bit outdated...but i still can use it to take pix..or vid.

I will know the answer tonight....
Hopefully it will be a very GOOD or better, Great news!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Luv My Bags!

Two days ago....Bought new bag pack! Upgraded from Tropicana Life to Nike but still love my 'old' bag.
After 8years.......at last, i change my bag.
I love simple but comfy-nice-to-look-at bag..
Both 'affordable' bag, not too expensive and not too cheap (cos quality are important!).
Hopefully that Nike bag can last longer than my Tropicana Life.
But i wont throw away my Tropicana bag!

Change Of Heart

The last episode of ‘unwanted’ yesterday~i mean on the 31st of Aug (well, actually i want to post this 'yesterday' but i forgot my password~how can i forget my password? Hmmmm*sigh* too much thinking!), makes me think, do I really […] this person? I have one whole night and one whole day to myself to think about this…and seem like […] there are change of heart… […..] have nothing to lose, if [..] let me go.. and I know I lose almost everything if […..] leave me…but then, I’ll survive…
I don’t want bad ending to our […] but if we cant work it out, then why should we continue that [……]? Seem like it just a ‘Game’… not to me, but seem like it just a ‘game’…
Thinking that I have change of heart, it actually makes me sad…. I desperately to make it right this time but then, im so disappointed and frustrated that all that have to happen…
*BIG Sigh*......i do really need God's guidance in this....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beach Life #2

18th August 2010, Tanjung Aru Beach, Sabah. Adventure start at 6.35am.
Arrive there at 7.09am.. Then start looking for nice, 'safe' spot.
Then, i found this.. So i set my towel & stuff here.
AND....Lets the pictures do the Talking..
Still early and i guess the Birds are happy to see the sun again, and they must be catching up with each other up there... That make me thinking.... :)
Lying on the beach, i took this 'sun pic'

The 'crab hole'? LOL...

Try to cover it up with my feet.

My Fav GB Star Thong Flip Flop...

There's a 'Jungle' out there... Hahahaha

Ahhh...Love the sky....

Me...doin' my 'faces'.. Duh!

Its 'about' 8am?

Blue sky....again.

[Tree...tree..And tree]

'Someone' walking her dogs.. Nice...!

She found her friend! And also walking her dog.

Blueish sky....

Blueish sky....Again...

[The 'wet' sand]

Its almost 10am....

On the way home......

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whats inside my bag?

This is what i usually keep inside my bag....actually a must! This is my summer pink bag :)Well, you can see my 'eco,user friendly' Nokia phone, purple bag for my phone, my 'sporty' BodyGlove wallet, Sony Mp3 with Altec Lansing headphone, Sony digital cam and my sketch book.
What you cant see are my 'First aid kit' -which containing a lot of Watson's plasters, alcohol paps, Paracetamol, Migraine pills, Carbon, safety pins, a pair of earing, Motion sickness pills and sometimes vits-, Artline black pen for my drawing, lighter, USB thumb drive, pocket tissue, Maybelline lip gloss and my small black bag where i keep my prayer books and rosary.
Now im adding new stuff. As you can see...i dont like germs and i love the sun.
So...can all this stuff fit in my other bag? Sure enough, i can throw all the stuff inside my summer bag but....hmmm thats why i dont really like small bag.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Daily Supplement

This is my daily supplement since i didnt get enough vits from my food (lack of fruit & vege..) I love fruit & vege but...i dont know, im just 'lazy' to eat them. And i hate meat, but i always 'on' meat...hmmm... May be thats why i eat them, because i hate them :D

From left to right, My GNC Mini Blender (for my instant drink), GNC Multivitamin for Women, Weight Lose Instant Drink (sometimes i think im having the 'anorexia' thingy but then when i take the measurement tape...i am BIG) & Glucosamine for bone & joint.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Hair!

Finally, i cut my hair. So-called 'new style'~ Duh!

Still long 'wavy' hair but now with bangs aka fringes. Long but shorter :) whatever thats mean.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


At last... it feels so good.
Now i know what it feels like to 'accept'.
Now i 'can' see the positive side of [...]
[..] is my Dean.
And it feels so good knowing that...

[...] is my Dean & I am Heart ~ The Drama Queen.
Cos for me 'Heart' first, 'Head' later.
'They' might hurt me because of my 'Heart'..
But then.......

And it feels so good when....God actually 'there'.
And He actually listen to your prayer...
Even when I, sometimes blame Him for the 'bad' things,
I do know...its for my own good, that i will be stronger than before.

[...] is my Dean,
And Im grateful for that.
Thank you..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our 'So-Called' Clubbing Marathon

On the 2nd of July, my friend, V invited me to go 'Clubbing'. We called it 'Our clubbing marathon' but turn out to be 'watching football in the club' with drinks! But it was 'fun' watching 'people'.
First club at Le Rendez Vous Club, Promenade. Good for chilling out, if you want to see 'action', not recommended but the drink's nice. There's only a few people around so less smoke and less 'annoying sound'. There are a lot of empty tables, but maybe because we're early. Is 10pm early? Well, we end up watching football there, Brasil vs Netherland.Our drink of choice ~ Pina Colada. My first time ~ Nice...girls drink ;)
Next club is at The Bed, Waterfront. We reach there around 11pm. This one ~ so crowded. And you can see a lot of actions!!!! Wuuuu... And a lot of football supporter.

So, we continue our 'watching football' activity :) while listening to the live band playing.Our choice of drink, mine ~ Blue Lagoon & V's Long Island Black tea.
So, Netherland win. Ok.. We went back around 12am. Still early, right?

Our Clubbing Marathon ~ To be Continue.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dear Friend.. RIP

Our dear friend, Papa J passed away yesterday. He never gain consciousness from his coma. According to his family, some of his organ will be donated to [.....]

We're going to pay him our last respect today. Here some of our pix together.. Such a great guy. We're gonna miss you, Papa J.
O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful, grant to the souls of Thy servants departed the remission of their sins, that, through pious supplications, they may obtain the pardon which they have always desired. Who livest and reignest with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I feel like im lost.... Im pissed off, upset...and all the negative energies are suffocating me.
Im thinking about praying, but then..*sigh*..
Now i cant even help myself...I dont know how to help myself.
Why do poor people become poorer?

Im pissed off...Im mad... Im upset!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Love With Myself or Actually Not?

I think im so in love with myself that im afraid to take a risk by loving others. Im afraid that i might get hurt if i love others. Not that it never happen before but i just dont want it to happen again.
I lose some of my friends because of this. Because i cant forgive, if i cant forgive then that mean i cant love them... I do want to love them, to be friends again but then i dont want them to hurt me again. Why am i so afraid of changes?
Then again, if i so in love with myself, i should be happy. Not worrying myself about getting hurt over and over again. I guess that makes you human. I should be stronger now. But what if......
I envy these two pups. They have each other, for now. I took this pic last sunday. The brown one, i called him Rover and the black one...Im not sure which pup is that, because i have 3 black pups~ 2 female and 1 male. Actually they are not mine, but since i 'attached' to them, i called them mine.
Back to the story, these pups have each other...like friends, bestfriends. I wish i could have 1 bestfriend (since its so hard for me to 'have' bestfriend, i guess 1 is ok) who 'can' understand me. Owh...i do have bestfriends, but i want girl bestfriend. Someone who understand girl thing and someone you can hang out with on GNO. But then.....
Since i cant trust anyone, im very thankful to the Man Above (beside myself, He's the only one that i can trust). Hoping that someday He will listen and do some 'miracle'

I always thought that if i do the right thing, treat people right, then good thing will happen to me. But then.....

Imaginary Boyfriend LOL!

Lets be Funny today. Feel like wanna share this with the world (What am i thinking...???)
Seriously, this is my imaginary boyfriend or actually my 'Dream Guy'.....Not that he dont have a face (like in the picture) but better not to put the 'face' there...i might never find my dream 'guy' LOL!
Physically, something like this. Fit, toned & sporty. Not the one with huge beer belly & flabby arms or 'muscle guy'.. Of course he can drink but not 'too much', that cause 'amnesia'. Since i love exercising, then i guess he must be 'sporty' too, adventurous :D
The way he 'dress'...'simple but nice', just like in the picture-for everyday wear. For working, up to him. Jeans or pants- not the 'carrot pants'! thats sooo 'teenager' or the 'high waist pant'~make him look 'bloaty'. Accessories? Watch will be 'extra nice'. Time is precious :) Ring will be fine, earring~depends...Shoe? This is the 'fun' part. Boot will be a 'turn on' ~Evil grin~ I love boots! I wish i have one! or may be two pairs :D but not the high heel boot! More into 'guy-kind-of-boot' or 'cowboy boot'..Hehehehe.
Like i said earlier, Adventurous, GSOH (luv it!!!), 'gentleman'.... Inner beauty is better (the best actually) than physical.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sleepy Head with Loads of Things

I love sleeping. I can spend the whole day sleeping and dreaming. but of course 'they' will say "get a life!"...

Yesterday, i had this very weird but funny dream, at first, i mean, in the beginning..i was scare but then my dream have this very nice ending. Its not what they called 'happy ending' but it makes me feel 'peace'. So, here's the story....

I was inside this never-been-here-before house, outside there was a parade-i think... soldier 'camping out' or resting under the canopies and marching. There are also toy soldiers everywhere on the road. I was with 2 strangers, a woman and a girl, inside the house, then i got out, chatting with the armies outside. Then i realize the house was haunted and suddenly there was this, a very strong wind. It happen just for a while but it happened twice. And there's one time i said 'please leave me alone, dont disturb me'. Then, the next thing i remember i was running..in marathon. Surprise, surprise because im the only girl among the 'runners' and seem like i was being chase..but actually no, not until i said to the guy behind me 'catch me if you can'. Then i run 'like a wind', left-right-circle-straight....and he could not catch me, lucky me cos i dont really like him ~Bad Girl~ I keep running until i catch up with the others. Then i arrive at my 'house'..i guess. Im planning to take a shower but something is missing...there's no more 'bathroom' and i was somewhere i dont know, may be someone's village and i was standing beside the road looking at 'my once bathroom'. When i recalled back this part of 'the dream', this part was funny! Because i already know my bathroom is not there but i keep looking for it, searching here and there behind the bushes~like i could magically find it there LOL! But who know, it might magically appear there (Hey, its my dream).. Since i really 'need' a shower, so i tried to figure out where am i and how to get back home. Then tried to hitch a ride but nobody 'help' me, so i just walk...walk until i find a bus stop, but...(fyi, dog/s, cow/s & buffalo/s scare me.....) dogs are everywhere!!!!! Across the road, at the bus stop....And i really need someone to help me to 'get rid or pass' the dogs. So i turn back, get help or advise from the people at the house nearby...The lady said just follow this road, the dogs at this side are the good one but across the road are the bad one~evil. I notice one of the ladies there is my mom but seem like she dont know me..so i continue my journey. Surprise, surprise...there's no more dogs, but there are a few people at the bus stop waiting for may be bus...who know. So i stand with them, assuming that they are waiting for a bus. Then i befriended with these 2 i-never-meet-them-before girls. That was when a car or should i say 'muscle car' stop in front of us and they invite me to come with them, sooooo... since i need a ride home...so i accept. Suddenly all the magic things happen, the girls transform to guys, the surrounding change...from 'more brown than green village' to 'with green hills and field, and bluewiss green mountains'~ the place where i always find my 'peaceful feeling'. And i know i was happy here, the happiest moment of my 'dream'. And i also 'find' my 'bestfriend' here, and thank God that person is 'female' but a bit boyish or aka adventurous girl (atleast i have one girl bestfriend, or may be its my fault that in real life i only have guy bestfriends~duh!)..Ahhh...i love the feeling~Friends, Adventure, Laughter.....
At the end of the dream, finally i found my Bathroom!!!! Bigger than in real life :D but love the feeling.

I love this kind of dream. Its balance, circle of life... Lost, afraid, alone, 'being advised & listened to it', scare, relief, happy, friends, peace, laughter and last but not least,...found that 'bathroom' Hehehehehe...... Did i forget God in my dream? Hmm.....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The ME....

I miss the 'old' me...not that i dont like the 'new' me but the 'old' one much more fun, a lot more happier, merrier, friendlier, adventurer...dont give a damn about make-up or 'ladylike'r. Being a women so damn stressful, but i dont want to be a guy either! Can i be a god? Kidding!
But, thank God.. there are still a few things that stay the same, like my love for country music, spicy foods and Beach!!!!! Sometimes, i can feel my heart aching for some action. I wish that i can just climb whatever tree i want, wear whatever i want, move-i mean dance wherever i am... Ahhhh....Even now i can feel Part of me is Dancing in the Sky, surrounded by the Stars... I can feel the peaceful feeling that i've been longing for so long.... longer that i can remember..
I can imagine myself running through the fields, the hills, the gardens...... Even now i dont 'think' but i just imagine all that and my hand dancing with the keyboard while listening to country music.. Then, i rest for a while, inhale and the music change from Christian Kane to Gretchen Wilson. Then i back from my Imaginary World.

T(w)o Days

For 2 days in a row, im bellydancing and eating bananas.
For 2 days in a row, im bellydancing at (around) 10pm to 11 plus plus pm.
For 2 days in a row, i wish im a bellydancer, pro bellydancer.
For 2 days in a row, i wish i have fit & toned abs.
For 2 days in a row, i wish ...............

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Your Fate is in Your Hand

For i believe in Myself,
For i believe in God,
For i believe in Prayer,
For i believe in Love,
For i believe in Miracle,
For i believe in Me!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Supposed to be posted 'exactly' on Father's day but i can only type the title on that day. Thats the problem when using Iphone to do any posting. Or may be because i dont know how to use Iphone to do 'blogging'.. Hmmm.. So, here's the story.
Woke up in the morning, take a shower & get ready for Brunch. I almost forgot to wish my Dad Happy Father's Day. Then i text my mum to wish my dad Happy Father's day. Why didn't i wish him myself? Because my dad keep changing his phone number that i dont know which is the right number. Hehehehe...mission one, complete.
Later that night, we had 'Father's Day' dinner, with mi wolfie's family. Took some photo with them and my favorite activity - cake time!!!!! Yum yum! We had Chocolate Cheese Cake~ I like! Mission two, complete.
Earlier that day, I thought my day gonna have the 'happy ending' thingy. But i was wrong, i end up being scolded & mad at, not one but two persons...sigh*. And i slept with heavy & sad heart.....Mission three, fail!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My 'Gift'

Today, i mean yesterday... i found out that my Boss taking leave until next week. Its gonna be a very very Boring working day without her. I want my Boss back!!! Selfish ain't it? But seriously, its really really boring at the office without my Boss bossing around...What a Gift :( hmmm...sigh...
Went to the gym after almost a fortnight i didnt go...And it was Refreshing :) And i really enjoyed it..(Luv the feeling aka Gift) Soon after that i went to have a supper with my Girlfriends, and guess what? I had spaghetti with Grilled Chicken and Coke with Lemon...there goes my Core exercise...and my Gift :( But i really enjoy catching up with my Girls. Miss them already!
'Later that night'...my wolfie called, he said he got something for me. A Gift. And he said he want to give it to me tonight, not tomorrow but tonight.. And here's the Gift...i mean Gifts, excluding the barbie :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

White Spider

Last night i dreamt about White Spider....in my dream, im a bit scare of that spider because i never seen a white spider before, and im also curious about it.
Then, this morning i google up the meaning of my dream, i mean the white spider thingy. White spider mean hope, positive energy...but since i feel scared in my dream, then i have to be careful because it also written 'enemy behind closed door'. Sigh....Good vs Evil.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Im In Luv With 'Him' but not 'Him' exactly....

Im in love with Dean....but not Jensen. Only Dean... I dont mind telling the whole world that im in love with Dean...Yup, Dean....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Love My Pan

Last sunday, mi wolfie bought this non-stick pan for me...so that i can learn cooking.. Now i have to learn how to use this 'properly'. As a beginner, i will learn to make / cook pancake...or fried egg or omelette...Hehehehe.
Then, i will 'google' up new recipes, the easy one and learn to know or identify herbs / cooking ingredient.... Hahaha, well...easier said than done LOL! Im so excited about my new pan that i tidy up 'my kitchen' cabinet, to make room for my pan :) Its a good things because i found out that one of my glass bowl broke, dont know since when or what cause it to break, and i have a lot of plastic food containers..in different size. And also two broken can opener. Now i have to buy new can opener. Hmmm...
Anyway, Thanks Wolfie... Big huggie for you!

Friday, June 4, 2010

When i Stop Loving you.. When Hope is just a Hope

How you're gonna make it through,
When you think you lost your chance....
Play on, when you're losing the game,
'Cause you're gonna make mistakes,
But it's always worth the sacrifice...
Even when you think you're wrong.
Even though it's the storm on the darkest night,
Don't you ever give up the fight,
Even when you feel you're all alone.

I'll move on, just like you.
It'll break my heart but I'll get through.
Someday when I stop loving you....
I bet all I had on a thing called LOVE,
I guess in the end it wasn't enough...
And it will be hard to watch you leave,
But i'm gonna have to learn to let you go somehow,
Someday when I stop loving you.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Coffee Bean Or Toffee Bean?

Been craving for Coffee Bean Ice Blended since Monday, and i get it today-3rd of June!! Yahooo! Too bad, i got it after an 'argument' annnnd we agreed to disagree-for my part. Hmmm....!
Well....they said coffee will 'energized' you, is it true? Cos for me, it make me High...or sleepy and thats why i called it Toffee! After i finish my 'ice blended Toffee bean'...i fall asleep. Can you believe that? Or may be im just tired from walking cos i have to walk may be a mile or two to get my Toffee Bean. But still......im still sleepy, or may be because im a 'sleepy head'.. Im sleepy all the time~Whats wrong with me?! Hmm...Thinking....
Btw, my journey to get my Toffee ~ Cars, lots of cars....rain, puddle of water...smelly bustop and car, cars again...but im so satisfied with my Toffee!
Sweet dream tonight, baby! Me got my Toffee! And Thank you, Jesus...for my Toffee!!! Psst psst... me want more!!!

Mahua Waterfall

On the 29th of May 2010, me & my friends (aka Bodyguards) went to Mahua Waterfall (after i 'down to knees' begging them to go :D ..). Located in Tambunan or to be more precise, in Kampung Patau, Tambunan, Sabah (Borneo) & approximate 1½ or 2 hours...drive from Kota Kinabalu (Capital city of Sabah). And.....walking 15minutes or 30 from the main entrance (its depends how fast you walk :D )
Mahua Waterfall is a pristine natural fall that nestled deep in the tropical forest of the Crocker Mountain Range. This waterfall is approximately 17 metres tall and has a pool depth of 1.3 metres. This is the second time i went there. First time in December 1999, when 'the Government' haven't done or upgraded anything yet, no entrance fee & 'more natural'..
This is the entrance to the waterfall. We have to walk from here.
Small stream here....Beside the rough muddy trail.
What should i call this? Quite small for a river....
The steps going downhill...to avoid the slippery muddy trail during raining season..
Some 'big' tree along the way.
Or should i shout 'TIMBER!!!!' :)
The bridge to cross the 'small' river.
The Waterfall's view from afar..(from the bridge)
Atlast! We reached there, 500m walking through muddy, slippery jungle trail.
My 'bodyguards' ;)

Next time....i'll be ready-to take a dip in the pool :)

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