God is Great, Beer is Good, People are Crazy

God is Great, Beer is Good, People are Crazy! Of course, God is Great.. Beer + People = Crazy..Define your 'crazy'. Mine ~ enjoying life. Cheers!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

~ L O V E ~

What is Love to you?

Do you believe in Love at First Sight?

Do you understand Love?

Love...when you care for someone & your day are not complete without 'em..in your heart. I do...and always do....
Love is 'give & receiving..' - Faith, Trust, Understanding, Protect & Care..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Would You Be My Stitch?


I love Stitch very much.

Not only because he’s so cute but also Lilo’s guardian angel.

He is Lilo’s best friend, Lilo’s roommate…

And he protect Lilo from Gantu & evil Hamsterviel.. :)

I adore their friendship..and relationship.

If I’m Lilo….would you be my Stitch? ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Days at the New Office

After a month & 11days working at the site, i guess... i get used to all these new environment, new people, new colleagues & new friends. I did meet some interesting people here, and we become friends. Its ok..we're just friends...who can resist a very friendly, open-minded friends like 'em :)

I actually like it here...totally opposite than what i've expected. I guess that a good news :) ~ for me.

This 'job' actually make me a better person, i wake up early than usual, now i've time to 'pamper' me'self, looking after what i eat...etc etc etc... bla bla...

Haha! Let see if i can stay more than a year here, Im just a newbie here ;p

This is the view from our office ~
Nice ehh.... :D